Mohammed Ramadan and his son
Mohammed Ramadan and his son Image Credit: Facebook

Popular Egyptian actor-singer Mohammed Ramadan responded to a racist caption on his Facebook account, which has more than 7.9 million followers.

The ‘Prince’ actor had posted an image with his son, Ali, on the set of a music video for his upcoming coronavirus track: “I taught my son Ali how to disinfect his room in the Coronavirus clip,” he wrote.

A Facebook user, whose name has been removed by Ramadan, responded with a demeaning comment regarding son’s skin colour.

“Black like his father, the disaster is that no one from his family has the beauty of their mother nor her colour,” wrote the woman, in Arabic.

Ramadan shot back: “I am proud of my colour and the colour of my father and my children, who God created, and I am happy that my children are going to grow up to be against racism, the proof is that their mother and father are of different colours,” wrote Ramadan, above a screenshot of the derogatory comment he had received.

Ramadan is married to Nesrine Abdel Fattah, who welcomed their son Ali in 2017. Ramadan also has two daughters, Kenzy and Hanin.

Mohammed Ramadan
Mohammed Ramadan Image Credit: Facebook

In less than 24 hours, Ramadan’s response received more than 279,000 likes, 15,000 shares and 40,000 comments, which were largely supportive.

“Anyone who still thinks like this does not deserve a response at all. God keep your son and bless him and his siblings,” wrote writer Mostafa Nasser.

TV host Mohammed Rakan Al Qaddah also responded.

“As long as some people continue with this way of thinking, we will never in our lives take a step forward,” commented Al Qaddah.