Mohamed ‘Osos’ Usama
Mohamed ‘Osos’ Usama with his wife and older son Omar. Image Credit: Instagram

Egyptian actor Mohamed Usama has shared devastating news that his 3-month-old son died in his sleep.

The comedic actor, popularly nicknamed ‘Osos’, had days earlier celebrated his elder son Omar’s birthday.

“My son, my friend and my beloved, I hope you are well every year, and pray to the Lord that I will see you and your brother as the best people in the world. I love you very much and hope that God will keep you and your brother there for each other and for your mom, my love,” he posted on June 8, on his son Omar's 3rd birthday.

On June 22, Usama announced that his youngest son born in February had died suddenly of natural causes. Some media outlets had reported that the baby had suffered an accidental fall at home that led him to lose consciousness.

“The death was natural, he was sleeping and perfectly fine,” he wrote on Instagram in an Arabic post. “God give us patience to bear your loss. I’m really sorry, I cannot respond to messages or calls, God bless you, and if you love me from your heart truly I ask for your prayers for Rowayda my wife.”

Industry peers shared their condolences with Usama and his wife on social media after the tragic news.

“God give you and your wife patience and bless your son,” wrote actress Donia Samir Ghanem.

“God rest his soul and give you patience,” commented actress Fifi Abdou.

Usama’s sister, Instagram influencer Emee Usama, denied media reports that suggested that her nephew died after an accident.

“Please do not spread fake news, no one fell from a balcony,” she wrote, in a post now circulating online. “Please think of his mum and how she would feel if she saw what is being said at any point in time.”

On Instagram, Emee shared a photo with her actor brother, writing: “It was one of the most difficult moments of my life to see you collapse my beloved, but this is God’s will.”