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Dubai: Although the location for Dubai’s latest landmark – Dubai Steps – has not been finalised yet, authorities have narrowed down their choices to three possible locations.  

Photos recently released by Dubai Municipality shows how impressive the Dubai Steps will look like once completed.

The computer-generated images also show the iconic feature complemented with the UAE flag, which the public will be able to see from all sides down below.   

Abdullah Rafie, assistant director general of the planning and engineering section at Dubai Municipality, said that while they are currently looking for the best locations for Dubai’s newest project, a few areas have already been considered.

Some of the possible locations where Dubai Steps may be constructed include the area next to Union Square in Deira, Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina.

Rafie also emphasised that other areas are also under consideration, and that no final decision has taken place as to where the project will take shape.

Once completed, the project will consist of 500 steps that will not only serve as a tourist attraction, but as a recreational sports activity as well.  The Steps project, according to Dubai Municipality, is expected to be 100 metres high, which is as high as a 25-storey building.

Rafie previously said: “The status of the project is for it to become one of the city’s iconic landmarks, which is aimed to promote culture and sports, mainly through its architectural design. This is the first time [globally] that such a project will be carried out.”