Abderrahmane El Alj, Chairman, MNA Properties

For Dubai as one of the most dynamic cities in the world and one that sets the bar, it’s all about sustainable solutions for a sustainable future. As a benchmark real estate brand, how does MNA Properties align itself to Dubai’s vision?

That’s actually a great question! Dubai’s vision and global positioning is due to the strength and innovation in its long-term accomplishments and world leadership.

The city plans to aggressively compete with the best in the world and set the gold standard for the future, which will be emulated by other cities for years to come. MNA Properties embarked on a journey to create and deliver red carpet real estate experiences for all homeowners and investors who partner with us for all things real estate.

When you engage with our professional brokers, you immediately recognise that we are here for the long haul. We don’t just close deals. We build relationships that are long term, give our clients the genuine experience of working with top notch advisors who use best-in-class business skills.

How do you envision your future contributions in the real estate field complementing and supporting Dubai’s vision to be the best city in the world?

When you operate in a city where the real estate landscape is arguably the best in the world, you constantly benchmark and innovate. What worked five years ago will no longer keep you at the top. We are thinking ten years into the future and aligning our property business to be trendsetting and futuristic.

Data analytics, artificial intelligence, crypto friendly home buying and virtual reality guided immersive experiences will all become part of the real estate buying experience. We plan to reach out globally to promote Dubai and investments in our city that will attract the movers and shakers of the world.

As a city of the future, Dubai is already leaps and bounds ahead of the more traditional global power cities. MNA Properties seeks to absorb the DNA of Dubai and mirror the spirit of the city in its own business practices.

In this context, elaborate on the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33), what it expects of the Emirate’s real estate sector and how MNA Properties will be a critical contributor to overall progress for the sector and the Dubai economy?

The D33 agenda of our ruler, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai is one of the most aggressive and groundbreaking economic agendas you will find anywhere on the planet. With a doubling of the economy, an explosion of talent-rich population entering our business tapestry, a massive influx of greenfield FDI opportunities and several hundreds of billions into technological and digital advancements, D33 is on track to make Dubai the best city in the world.

A critical pillar on which such an agenda sits is the development of commercial, residential, hospitality, retail and entertainment infrastructure. This is the domain of real estate and the expectation that the major developers, banks and brokerages will provide this launchpad for the D33 agenda. As an ambassador for real estate MNA Properties is inspired by Shaikh Mohammad’s dynamic role and supports him in making sure that Dubai achieves accolades in all global initiatives. We closely follow his directives and align our business plans to add momentum to the mind boggling D33 agenda and the future of Dubai.