Sales outlets and suppliers have been urged to abide by consumer protection legislation while maintaining the quality and safety of food goods and products. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Economy will impose strict sanctions on suppliers and retailers who have failed to comply with Ministerial Resolution No. 41 of 2023, it said on Tuesday.

The resolution, which was issued on March 6, 2023, allows for a maximum increase of 13 per cent in the prices of egg and poultry products. Violators of this decision have been fined at least Dh10,000, with the possibility of a fine of Dh200,000 for repeat violations. The Ministry has stated that details of the violations will be announced in the coming days.

To ensure compliance with the decision, the ministry’s control teams, along with local economic departments, have been conducting intensive campaigns to monitor the prices of egg and poultry products in all outlets throughout the country.

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The ministry has conducted 300 rounds of inspections during Ramadan, covering consumer outlets, cooperative societies, egg and chicken markets, and groceries in various emirates of the country. The inspection campaigns aimed to ensure that suppliers and retailers do not raise prices beyond the 13 per cent limit. Penalties under the Consumer Protection Law will be imposed on violators.

The ministry of economy has emphasized that it took into account the potential negative impact on low-income people when approving the increase in prices of egg and poultry products. Cheaper alternatives were provided to consumers, and the abundance of products ensured to maintain a stable and prosperous economic environment for the UAE society.

The ministry has published a list of about 365 egg and poultry commodities, including the official price ceiling. Consumers can view this list on the website of the Ministry of Economy and the websites of the competent authorities. The list will also be published in various media to help consumers know the official price of goods in sales outlets.