Dubai: While Emirati women account for over 50 per cent of the public sector workforce, only 22 per cent of them make it to company boards, Shamsa Saleh, CEO of Dubai Women Establishment told Gulf News.

She added that the UAE Cabinet’s decision to gove women a bigger presence in senior positions will be advantageous to the economy.

Women’s representation in the boards of directors of all government bodies and companies was made mandatory during Sunday’s Cabinet meeting.

Shamsa said: “The UAE female participation in the public sector is recorded over 50 per cent with a 22 per cent of women presence in the boards’ positions. But their presence is quite low when it come to the private sector at 1.5 per cent only.”

“However, I expected this decision will achieve a remarkable leap in the women participation on the companies’ board.”

Maisa Ghadeer, Former Member in the UAE Federal National Council , said the decision enhanced the trust in the women capabilities and their important role as decision makers.

“Women have contributed in the political decision as an ambassador, minister and member in the National Council. So, by default should have the same positive role in the companies board.”

However, the role of woman would be more effective if they can be involved in the board level of the private sector as well, she said.

Thuraya Al Awadi, Emirati Businesswoman, said: Current scenario has completely changed and the women today would take serious part in the decision making.

“Participating on this level will not grant women equal voice to men but will bring different point of views and skills to the decision making zoon.”

“The promotion of women into senior ranks will promote with our society and enhance our economy competitiveness.”