Emirates Sealine
"We've conquered the skies, and now, we're charting course to take over the seas! Introducing Emirates Sealine - our ultra-luxurious cruise liner," Emirates tweeted. Image Credit: Twitter/@Emirates

Dubai: A day before April 1, Emirates wrote in a gleeful tweet on Friday night, announcing that it will now be "sailing across the seven seas with its newly-launched maritime arm, Emirates Sealine".

The key clue that it was seemingly a prank? Itineraries and bookings will be open from 'June 31'.

“Emirates Sealine is promising cruisers top-tier and never-before-imagined experiences as they voyage to rarely-before-seen ports of call,” it said in a statement. “It placed a titanic, multi-billion-dollar order for an initial 10 cruise ships which are currently being fitted with the latest and the best.”

Itineraries and bookings will be open from June 31. Emirates Sealine’s liners will dock at major cruise ports – charting a course from US to New Zealand.

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“Emirates is no stranger to the seas, having been associated with powerboat racing in Dubai to Emirates Team New Zealand and more recently, the Emirates Great Britain SailGP Team,” said Captain Jack Shallow, the newly appointed Chief Maritime Officer at Emirates Sealine. “Technology, AI and innovation in developing our future-generation cruise ships mean we can mirror the city’s pace and sail at more than 50 knots per hour – nearly double the speed of the fastest ones today.”

“We’ll be running a tight ship to ensure we deliver on our promises to our customers. Right now, it’s all hands to the deck as the team prepares for launch,” he added.