Faizal E. Kottikollon, Founder & Chairman, KEF Holdings Image Credit: Supplied

In the evolving landscape of progress, some individuals stand as beacons of innovation, propelling societies with visionary thinking. Faizal E. Kottikollon is such a luminary, embodying empowerment, innovation and philanthropy. His journey is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship with initiatives like Tulah showcasing the potential for positive global change.

Originating from Kerala, India, Kottikollon’s story reflects resilience. With an engineering background, he co-founded KEF Holdings in 1995, forging an exceptional path marked by milestones.

Starting as a General Trading entity, it grew into Emirates Techno Casting (ETC), a valve-casting green foundry. The Faizal & Shabana Foundation and ETC Community Centre highlight the company’s social responsibility.

Partnerships with Dubai International Capital (DIC) and Tyco International fuelled KEF Holdings’ expansion. In Dubai’s International Financial Centre, KEF focuses on investment, healthcare and clinical wellness.

Tulah wellness retreat Image Credit: Supplied

Tulah, KEF’s latest venture, pioneers an integrated healthcare system as an innovative wellness retreat. Blending modern medicine, cutting-edge technology and ancient wisdom, it addresses lifestyle diseases holistically with diagnostic testing and Ayurveda, addresses the root cause and fosters well-being in an environment that values the harmony of mind, body and soul.

Faizal E. Kottikollon, Founder & Chairman, KEF Holdings, said, ”Tulah is not merely a retreat – emotional well-being exerts a vital influence on the physical well-being, as the intricate interplay between the two greatly shapes overall health. Positive emotional states and effective stress management bolster immune function, regulate inflammation and encourages a balanced lifestyle. Conversely, chronic stress and negative emotions compromise the immune system, elevate inflammation levels and impact factors like sleep quality. This dynamic connection underscores the significance of nurturing emotional well-being to fortify and sustain physical health. Tulah has emerged as a groundbreaking force fostering well-being through technology-driven health programmes.”