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Please share a brief overview on the brand’s service portfolio.

Galadari has been a full-service firm for four decades, and covers the whole spectrum of legal matters. In terms of disputes, we cover litigation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution. We also advise on legal issues in the insurance and energy sectors, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital markets, banking and finance, intellectual property (IP) and data protection, technology, media and telecommunication (TMT)-related matters, real estate, construction and infrastructure. Recently, we have launched our fintech practice, which also covers finance and technology related matters, blockchain, digital assets, compliance, and regulatory framework. Not to forget, we have a growing maritime and transport practice which is heavily involved in representing clients in high profile disputes across the region. Our firm also has a legislation and regulatory practice. We are, and always have been, very active in legislation work, approached by the authorities to assist and advise on legislation.

Knowing what our clients need is very important. But knowing what will be needed tomorrow is even more important.

- Abdulla Ziad Galadari Senior Partner, Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants

How established is your dispute resolution team and what are the major challenges you face as a unit when handling cases in this sector and how do you overcome them?

Our dispute practice has a deep understanding of the applicable and enforceable laws and is always up to date. In the market, we are considered to be the go-to firm for dispute resolution. For instance, we have more than 45 individuals who are in and out of court daily. Our disputes practice is very well established with distinct departments and solid systems are in place. As we deal with a very large number of dispute cases, we needed a tool that could help us efficiently organise and manage them, so we developed our own software which handles all our dispute related matters. This system sends notifications to the team, allows access to archives, provides the agenda, and so much more. It is a unique, home-grown and efficient tool that I am very proud of.

How is Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants playing an active role in fostering the UAE economy and society?

Being one of the oldest firms in the UAE, we feel a sense of responsibility for the community. We decided to take it one step further and embed environment, social and governance (ESG) in everything we do. We have carried out quite a few initiatives. One of them, which many of the readers may be familiar with, is our partnership with Dubai Tourism on their ‘Dubai Can’ sustainability initiative. We created and distributed our own Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants drinking bottles, which can be refilled for free at water fountains around the emirate.

Another partnership close to our hearts is with Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC). We have pledged to provide 100 pro-bono hours of legal consultation and training for the DFWAC staff on a wide range of law related topics.

We have pledged 1,000 pro-bono hours to the Dubai Legal Affairs Department. Last but not the least is our graduate and mentorship programme, which provides legal experience to over 20 interns and trainees every year.

With a legacy stretching back almost four decades, what is the growth strategy you envision for the brand over the next decade?

What helped us as a firm is our ability to adapt to the constant changes in the economy and business culture. Being set in one’s ways is not the way forward. Adapting while the market is changing is a proactive approach.

Knowing what our clients need is very important. But knowing what will be needed tomorrow is even more important.