aims to not only simplify tax registration but also to revolutionise back office operations
Muhammed Shafeekh, CEO/Founder of Finanshels Accounting Technologies FZ-LLC Image Credit: Supplied, a startup supported by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund (MBRIF), has launched a transformative AI WhatsApp service for corporate tax registration in the UAE, offering a swift and streamlined process. This new service enables businesses to complete their tax registration through a simple upload of four documents in under five minutes, a notable advancement from the traditional method that requires navigating the Federal Tax Authority's website, a process that usually takes 1 to 2 hours and demands proficiency in both Arabic and English.

The conventional tax registration process has been burdensome for small business owners, leading many to hire tax consultants at costs ranging from 500 to 2000 AED, often without clear pricing structures.'s AI WhatsApp bot significantly reduces this financial burden with a fee of only 199 AED, while also cutting down the time and complexity involved in tax registration.

CEO Muhammed Shafeekh states that this service is a step towards democratising tax registration for small and medium enterprises in the region, providing an efficient, transparent, and cost-effective alternative. Over 500 companies have already adopted this platform, giving it a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot, which reflects the positive reception and demand for such innovative solutions in the market. aims to not only simplify tax registration but also to revolutionise back office operations, making it easier and more affordable for entrepreneurs of all levels of technical expertise to set up and manage their businesses in the UAE. This aligns with the country's Vision 2030 goals, highlighting the shift towards digital solutions that streamline business functions and contribute to a more efficient and dynamic economic environment.

The AI WhatsApp bot by exemplifies the growing importance of technology in enhancing the business landscape in the UAE, making financial compliance and regulation more accessible and manageable. This innovation is not only a milestone for but also represents a significant development for the UAE's business community, pointing towards a future where financial operations are increasingly digitised.

Entrepreneurs interested in utilising this breakthrough service can initiate the process by contacting the AI WhatsApp bot, joining a growing list of businesses benefiting from this innovative approach to tax registration. More information about and its commitment to financial technology innovation can be found on its website, showcasing its efforts to prioritise simplicity, efficiency, and user experience in financial compliance and operations support for UAE businesses.