The Vanad Bluester machine is used for heavy operations and allows cutting of material of thickness up to 400mm Image Credit: Supplied

Vanad is a traditional, 100-per-cent family-owned Czech manufacturer specialising in the development and production of affordable modern design, high-performance CNC machines for precise oxy-fuel cutting, state-of-the-art plasma technologies and fiber lasers that meet the highest quality requirements and allow the use of the most efficient technologies.

Founded by MSc Luboš Miřátský in 1994, the brand has managed to produce a new line of machines at their plant through continuous research and development over the years. Vanad brings comprehensive cutting-edge solutions to domestic and foreign markets, flexibility and variability in enabling to adapt standard cutting machines to individual customer requirements and subsequently propose thorough individual solutions. Ranking among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of CNC machines in the industry, Vanad’s long-term cooperation with leading suppliers of technologies for thermal cutting allows the company to run one of the largest permanent demonstration centres for thermal cutting in the Czech Republic.

Martin Miřátský, Business Director, Vanad, says, “Through swift decision making and by doing everything according to our best knowledge and conscience we hope to leave a legacy in the world of Czech machines.”

The Vanad portfolio covers a range of machinery including the Vanad Bluester with the 3D Plasma head, Vanad Proxima, the Kompakt, Suprema, Kompakt Light, Arena, Mira, Miron, Miron Laser and the Kompakt Laser.

Vanad machines are tailor-made to offer a unique system setting that helps improve production in terms of efficiency while being more user-friendly, distinguished by easy operation and fast data preparation. Equipped with a number of special tools and instruments designed for highly demanding cutting procedures, Vanad’s unique solutions provide customers with a range of utilities and subsequently, an opportunity to acquire competitive market advantages.

Vanad uses the latest technologies in order to guarantee the perfect functionality of the machine, high durability and great dynamics, as well as maximum accuracy of the portal and cutting units, guided with high-quality wiping process of the guiding surfaces. These properties predetermine the utility quotient of Vanad machines within highly demanding operations.

Ondřej Miřátský, Technical Director, Vanad, says, “No single Vanad CNC machine is built the same, each and every machine is built according to the customer’s requirement. Our advantage is that we have our own development department,” says Miřátský, “allowing us to adapt to every special requirement received from our customers. We have solutions for big companies as well as small producers in the field of metal work.” Vanad is represented by its agents, who service major installations in the EU, Russia, the UAE, Australia, Canada, Africa, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Vanad CNC machines entered the UAE three years ago and is represented by Stadlers Corp FZE, with offices in Dubai and Sharjah that cover operations in the GCC. The partnership with Stadlers sees Vanad providing outstanding aftersales service, machine warranty and upgrade and repair services, while establishing an ongoing relationship with customers throughout the product’s life cycle.

“The cooperation with Stadlers is an excellent partnership, helping popularise Vanad CNC machines in the GCC,” says Miřátský.

Vanad has also been active in the local industrial exhibition space. “We presented the Vanad Kompakt Laser and Vanad Suprema at the Steelfab 2019 industrial exhibition in Sharjah with outstanding results, focusing on various industries such as oil and gas, metal fabrication, construction and manufacturing, to name a few,” says Miřátský.

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