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What are the most common forms of arbitration that Anwahi Advocates represent?

At Ahmad Anwahi Advocates, we have a mighty team of arbitration experts specialised in a broad spectrum of commercial sectors ranging from insurance and re-insurance, maritime, real estate, intellectual property, copy rights and trade marks, patents, information technology, bilateral investment disputes, construction, engineering, infrastructure, shipping, power and energy sectors. We have years of expertise in dealing with high-value, multi-jurisdictional and complex international arbitrations.

We conduct arbitrations all over the world, and have represented our clients in disputes in the Middle East, Africa and Europe and are well acquainted with major arbitration forums including ICC, LCIA, SIAC, HKIAC, DIAC, ADCCAC and DIFC-LCIA. Our firm regularly advises multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises, and individuals in high-value disputes of various complexities.

Ahmad Anwahi, Chairman, Ahmad Anwahi Advocates

Pratheesh Nair, Managing Partner, Ahmad Anwahi Advocates

Deepa Ranjan, Senior Legal Consultant, Ahmad Anwahi Advocates

What advantages in terms of skills and expertise does Ahamad Anwahi Advocates offer its clients?

Our client approach is always results-oriented. Our substantive legal expertise coupled with thorough industry knowledge enable us to pre-empt and address our clients’ needs. Our attorneys strive to put forward persuasive cases on behalf of our clients with a view towards achieving successful outcomes. Our Team specialises in complex civil, corporate and commercial disputes as well as international arbitrations under the SIAC, ICC, UNCITRAL and other rules. Our approach is to strategically guide our clients at every phase of a dispute, from the point of preliminary consultation all the way through to final resolution.

How does Ahmad Anwahi Advocates ensure its specialists stay up to date with the latest technological and legislative developments in the market?

We cannot agree more that with the profound revolutionary changes that are occurring in the legal spheres in UAE, it is pertinent to have a legal team that understands the business models, technology, legal and regulatory frameworks of this evolving industries to keep in pace with the competition and to legally protect our clientele.

Increased automation and digitalisation are changing the way legal services were conducted previously. At Ahmad Anwahi Advocates, we adopt a non-conventional approach and have carved out an internal training methodology to keep our legal counsels and paralegals upgraded in their soft skill sets and knowledge base with an aim to apply critical thinking and sharpen their core competencies to produce more valuable output to our clients.

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