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Children and adult essentials to keep your travel items organised and in reach at all times. Image Credit: Pexels/nappy

If you’re joining the outbound crowd this summer – happy ‘vacance’! But there are at least 10 things to grab before heading out the door, like your wallet, passport, tickets, ID, phone, charger and so on. The internal mantra doesn’t cease till you are in the aircraft, ready for take-off.

Soothe pre-travel nerves with this list we’ve curated just for you. In here, you can add to your cart convenient travel wallets, luggage tags and even wet wipes for those never-ending flights. Get an Amazon Prime membership while you’re at it; your items will be delivered to you tomorrow!

1. Passport Holder Wallet, RFID Blocking

First things first, a trusty passport wallet with multiple sleeves is what every traveller needs. Sturdy and slim, PASCACOO’s black faux-leather passport holder has a magnetic clasp and slots for cash, cards, boarding pass, flight ticket and two SIM cards. What’s more, the wallet blocks Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), keeping your credit cards safe and secure. You also get a metal pin for the SIM slot on your phone.

2. Summer Silicone Luggage Tags (4-Pack) 

These cheeky luggage tags brighten up your luggage, but also have another neat advantage - you’ll easily be able to pick out your bag from the rest, thanks to their unique design. The tags come with four luggage belts that you can use to secure your bags and give them another identifier. The tags are perfect for summer, and help set the mood for your vacation.

3. Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

The ideal hand luggage comes with compartments for every single thing you might need on the flight. Laptop, books, power bank, wallet, sunglasses and so much more can fit into Tzowla’s water-resistant backpack. There is a wide strap at the bottom for securing the bag to your suitcase handle, as well. With more than 20 compartments, the travel bag can fit anything, from 17-inch laptops to clothes. It comes with a USB charging port on the outside that you can link to your power bank inside.

4. Loop Experience Pro Earplugs 

Ditch foam earplugs - they usually do not biodegrade and are terrible for the environment. Instead, invest in a pair of reusable, high-fidelity Loop Experience earplugs. They allow you to customise how much noise you want to filter down (so you can still hear the stewardess when she comes around to ask if you want a meal). The earplugs come in four different sizes so you can find the perfect fit, and their handy carry case ensures you can pack them away when you’re ready to stop wearing them.

5. NISHEL 4-Section Hanging Cosmetics Case 

This spacious bag is ideal for toiletries or makeup essentials. Its water-resistant compartments have mesh pouches and elastic bands to hold your lotions, shampoo bottles or foundations upright. With several ingenious pockets and compartments, the organiser rolls out into four sections, and zips right back up into a compact, stylish bag. Get organised and add this to your list of must-haves on your next trip!

6. WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes, 28 Count (Pack of 7)

For babies with sensitive skin, WaterWipes has the perfect formula – 99.9 per cent water a drop of grapefruit seed extract. These mild wipes are gentle on even a newborn’s skin. The seven-in-one pack, where each gives you 28 wipes, can be used during on-the-go diaper changes, weaning and teething, and cleaning hands and face.

7. Humangear Gotoob+ Silicone Travel Bottle with Locking Cap, 3-Pack

Pour in your most essential moisturising creams, shampoo and face cleanser in Humangear’s three-pack silicone bottles. Made specifically for travelling, the bottles are 100ml each, lightweight and space-efficient. Don’t sweat about leakage since there is an added lock over the flip cap. Clip them on to a strap or stuff them into your toiletry bag.

8. Timberland Men's Leather Toiletry Bag 

Speaking of toiletry bags, Timberland has a beautiful, lightweight travel case that's ideal for men. Made from 100 per cent genuine leather, it fits small containers of shampoo, lotion, and cleansers, or you can use it as a shaving kit. Durable and padded to protect your fragile toiletries on travel, you can carry it from the hand strap or hang it up from the built-in hook in hotels or door handles.

9. Etekcity Luggage Scale 

Once vacations end, you’re usually left to contend with packing all the gifts you’ve bought for loved ones back home. Don’t worry - this Etekcity luggage scale will ensure your luggage is well within the weight limit, thanks to its high-accuracy sensor. Just hook your suitcase onto it and lift. It’s so compact, you can take it with you whenever you travel, and remove the guesswork when weighing your luggage.

10. Tommee Tippee Night Time Glow-in-the-Dark Pacifiers (two-pack)

Get a new two-pack of comfortable silicone pacifiers for your little one, aged zero to six months. A fun but useful feature is that these glow in the dark, so that you can locate them easily during night flights. The pacifiers are made with 100 per cent medical-grade silicone teats that are soft and flexible, but extremely durable.

11. Trtl Pillow Neck Support

Gone are the days of bulky neck pillows – enter travel scarf. Unwrap Trtl fleece pillow, tuck the support on the either side of the neck then wrap it around for a warm night’s sleep. Once you’re up, reattach it to your cabin baggage and wash it as many times as you need in a washing machine for later use.

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