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Is your patio winter-ready? Pick up some pieces from our list to dress the garden or lawn with. Image Credit: Pexels/RODNAE Productions

As the weather gets cooler, we’re collectively looking forward to taking in the crisp lows of UAE winter, as much as time allows. Naturally, the agenda for the cooler months features a host of outdoor activities, from camping to hiking.

There’s something special about taking to the balcony, patio or backyard, to relax and recharge with family, under the winter sky. If you’re looking forward to hosting game nights and barbeques, come winter, add warmth to your outdoor space with dedicated patio pieces.

To help you pick the right furniture, per your space and needs, we sought advice from an interior stylist, whose expertise extends to creating outdoor spaces for her clients.

Style, budget and material: What should I consider when selecting patio furniture?

Your favourite pieces should be made of aluminium, wood or rattan, says expert. Image Credit: Unsplash/Vlad Bucur

From your hosting style to budget, a host of factors will usually determine the right set for your home. Lilly Engelbrecht, the founder and creative director of Escape Home Interiors in Dubai, tells Gulf News that buyers should first consider what the space will be used for.

"Do you prefer a lounge set or a dining set? Deciding on how you wish to utilise the outdoor space and generally how you entertain, will help you settle on a practical choice. Then, determine your intended budget for the space and the style you wish to emulate. Putting together a mood board is always a good start, and it helps you stay focused when sourcing items," said Engelbrecht.

Nervous about letting your expensive furniture sit outside? Engelbrecht says creating some shade or cover over the furniture is advisable, if the area you've picked is fully exposed to the sky. A budget-friendly option could be investing in an umbrella canopy.

Most importantly, go for durable material that can be easily maintained. "Wood has longevity, if you're consistent with maintainence. Aluminium is pretty durable and lightweight, and comes in a variety of colours. Rattan options are good, but they do need cover to protect the pieces from the sun, rain and birds, who tend to break off bits to build their nests," she added. What's not recommended is outdoor furniture made of plastic, as it loses lustre and grows brittle over time.

Engelbrecht's pro tip for outdoor furniture care in winter, is all about maximising your set's longevity. "I would highly recommend purchasing covers or having custom covers made for outdoor furniture. The amount you invest in good covers now will save you a lot more money in the long run, as outdoor furniture maintenance or replacement will most certainly cost more. Ensure that the covers are fully UV-resistant and waterproof. If you can store your furniture in the shade, even better."

In our list, you’ll find balcony sets, cosy swings, shaded garden sets for the whole family and more, curated from noon. Take advantage of free installation on a few of these items.

1. Best Overall: Pan Emirates 5-Piece Appletic Canopy Garden Set

PAN Emirates 5-Piece Appletic Canopy Garden Set
PAN Emirates 5-Piece Appletic Canopy Garden Set Image Credit: noon

AED 750 | BUY ON | noon

The more chairs, the merrier, which is why this premium garden set by Pan Emirates is ideal for the entire family. Sleek, understated, and all black with grey accents, the five-piece set features four steel chairs fitted with fabric, and a round table that supports an umbrella in the centre. It’s constructed from weather-resistant materials, and is as comfortable as it is durable. Each chair has track arms for easy lounging. Its minimalist design is compatible with a wide range of décor, so you can expect it to look like an effortless extension of your home’s interiors.

Bonus: Buy with monthly instalment plans starting from Dh63.

2. Best Statement Piece: Yulan 3-Piece Aluminum Pattern Table and Chair Set, White

YULAN 3-Piece Aluminum Pattern Table and Chair Set White
Yulan 3-Piece Aluminum Pattern Table and Chair Set White Image Credit: noon

AED 750 | BUY ON | noon

Yulan offers a slightly bigger two-seater and a table in white, complete with an ornamental floral design. Imagine decking out your garden space with this statement piece, reserved for afternoon teatime in winters. The set is made from aluminium alloy that’s been weatherproofed to protect your furniture from outdoor elements. All pieces can be cleaned easily – just run a damp cloth across the surface and wipe dry. The best part is that it fits in small spaces, so it’s perfect not just for a backyard, but an apartment balcony, too.

Bonus: Buy with monthly instalment plans starting from Dh63.

3. Best Lounge Set: JYSK 4-Piece Lounge Set, Black

JYSK 4-Piece Lounge Set
JYSK 4-Piece Lounge Set Image Credit: noon

AED 699 | BUY ON | noon

Outdoor gatherings call for a practical lounge set, one that forgoes a canopy in favour of an unrestricted layout. The JYSK patio lounge set for four has two single chairs and a double seater, with a matching table. Its frame is made of sturdy steel and texteline, a durable synthetic fabric that's ideal for the outdoors, being UV- and mould-resistant. The set boasts simple, minimal lines, so it's bound to suit any home. JYSK says all pieces can be easily stored, once the warmer months arrive.

Bonus: Buy with monthly instalment plans starting from Dh59. Avail free installation on your order.

4. Best Premium Swing: Danube Home 3-Seater Korina Swing, Off White/Green

Danube Home 3-Seater Korina Swing, Off White/Green
Danube Home 3-Seater Korina Swing, Off White/Green Image Credit: noon

AED 799 | BUY ON | noon

If you’re in the market for a swing that works in all seasons, check out Danube Home’s three-seater chair. Shaded with a canopy, this high-comfort swing is the perfect permanent fixture for your poolside. It comes up to 185cm in height and has a waterproof roof, along with cushioned seating in a stylish off white and green colour combination. You get to snag a durable unit for the whole family and it can stay out under the sky, all year round.

Bonus: Buy with monthly instalment plans starting from Dh84. Avail free installation on your order.

5. Best Family Swing: Brighttag Garden Swing

Brighttag Garden Swing
Brighttag Garden Swing Image Credit: noon

AED 795 | BUY ON | noon

Here’s a three-seater swing to keep you warm and snug on chilly mornings. It stands out from our other selections for the generously stuffed cushioned seats, which allow for longer hours spent outdoors. The canopy is adjustable and is made of UV-resistant material for added protection from the sun. If a two-seater set feels sparse for your garden, then this piece of furniture might fit the bill – it’s inviting, fills up a substantial area and creates lovely harmony with Nature, thanks to its earthy brown tone. The swing is heavier than most, at 38kgs, so the complementary installation saves you the hassle of putting the swing together on your own.

Bonus: Buy with monthly instalment plans starting from Dh67. Avail free installation on your order.

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