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Meat thermometers give you the best shot at perfectly cooked steaks, chicken and other meats, for foolproof cooking. Image Credit: Shutterstock

If you love eating steaks, lamb chops and other mouth-watering meats, but are worried you won’t get it right when you try to cook the same dishes at home, it might be a good idea to buy a meat thermometer.

These handy devices remove all the guesswork out of cooking, so you never have to worry about serving up undercooked food. They boost your confidence in the kitchen, and expand your lunch and dinner options thanks to their accuracy and speed.

Essentially, you can select from two kinds – digital probe and instant read thermometers. Both are fast, precise, and easy to use and read. However, digital probe thermometers can remain in the oven from the moment you begin cooking, so that you can see exactly when the meat comes to the right temperature. You would likely use these kinds of thermometers for larger portions of meat, like turkey or roast chicken.

Instant read thermometers, on the other hand, are designed to be used outside the oven, usually at the end of cooking, to check the meat’s doneness. They’re often smaller than digital probes and can slip into a drawer easily, with no fuss.

We scoured Amazon to pick the best of both these kinds of thermometers for you, based on top-rated user reviews. Select the one that suits your culinary style best, and get it as early as tomorrow with Prime membership.

1. Best Overall: ThermoPro TP19 Digital Meat Thermometer 


  • Rapid reading
  • Accurate to 0.5 degrees Celsius
  • Auto-rotating display
  • Motion sensing technology
  • Waterproof


  • Probe attachment is not very durable, say reviewers

An instant read thermometer that gives you results within just two or three seconds, ThermoPro’s digital device is incredibly versatile. It can be used to check food within a temperature range of -50°C to 300°C, and it’s incredibly precise – the true temperature may deviate by just 0.5°C. Reviewers like that the gadget has a lock function so that they don’t have to hold it over steaming hot meat – they can just stick it in and leave it there for a few minutes. It also rotates by 180°C, making it convenient to angle it into cakes or other items. The thermometer is completely waterproof, making clean-up easy, and you can store it two ways – by hanging it with via its hang hole, or attaching it to the fridge magnetically. However, some reviewers say the probe snapped off its plastic hinge after several uses, and wish it was made with more durable materials.

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2. Best Wireless Thermometer: Meater Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer 


  • Completely wireless
  • Pre-sets for wide range of foods
  • Intuitive app interface


  • Short probe signal
  • Water-resistant, not waterproof

While most wireless thermometers sneak in a wire or two, the Meater Plus is completely wire-free. This kind of design has enormous benefits, since the probe can be left in the oven with your rotisserie chicken, all throughout the cook time, and you don’t have to worry about tangled wires. The stainless-steel and ceramic probe comes with a wooden stand, where you can place your smartphone, and monitor the temperature. However, the probe’s signal can only manage a distance of up to 165 feet, so it might be a good idea to stay near the barbecue area or kitchen, when you are using the thermometer. Reviewers love the informative Meater app, since it alerts them when the final temperature has been reached, continues monitoring as the meat rests, and even saves a summary of the entire cook, with a record of the doneness of the meat, and logs of ambient cooking temperature for reference.

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Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty for Dh35 and two-year extended warranty for Dh49.

3. Best for Barbecue: Inkbird IBBQ-4T Wi-Fi Grill Meat Thermometer 


  • Coloured probes help avoid confusion
  • Smartphone app functionality
  • Countdown timer and alarm
  • Long battery life


  • Display unit cannot be placed next to grill

A thermometer that works great on a grill or in a smoker, the Inkbird IBBQ-4T features four coloured probes that you can use to monitor multiple items simultaneously. The thermometer is accurate to one degree Celsius. The probes connect to a central unit, which gives you live temperatures, and lasts up to 26 hours on a single charge. You can also pair it to a smartphone app, using Wi-Fi, from where you’re able to analyse live temperatures, and post-cook graphs no matter how far away from the grill/oven you are. Reviewers like that when they use the digital thermometer at home, they can place the unit right on the oven, thanks to its magnetic attachment. But do remember to keep it away from the grill when you’re outdoors, since the unit is made from plastic and cannot tolerate temperatures over 80℃. The thermometer has several useful functions, like a countdown timer, and an alarm when the correct temperature is reached.

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Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty for Dh23 and two-year extended warranty for Dh33.

4. Best for Ovens: Taylor Pro In-Oven Digital Meat Thermometer 


  • Quick results
  • Programmable temperature and time
  • Versatile display unit
  • Loud alarm


  • Alarm stops working after several uses, some reviewers report

While our pick for barbecues featured multiple probes, this in-oven thermometer by Taylor Pro has just one, to make it simple and efficient for the home cook. This precise thermometer provides readings of up to 200℃. It comes with a digital kitchen timer, and an extra-long (115cm) wired probe that you can place in your dish in the oven and leave it there, as the meat cooks. You can program a set temperature on the display unit; when the food is ready, it will sound an alarm. Or, you can set a timer that will alert you once the countdown is completed. And if you’d like to use the display unit as a timer rather than a temperature reader, you can disconnect the probe’s cord and do so. Reviewers say they’ve successfully used the thermometer with chicken, fish, burgers and other meats. However, some have found that the alarm doesn’t sound off as loudly, or at all, after two or three years of use.

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Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty for Dh12 and two-year extended warranty for Dh17.

5. Best Value: Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Meat Thermometer 


  • Fast response
  • Large display
  • Integrated magnet and hook hole for easy storage
  • IP65 splash-proof
  • Comes in nine bright colours


  • Thermometer loses accuracy over time, some reviewers say

With a response time of three to four seconds, Lavatools’ Javelin thermometer is ultra-fast, provides temperature readings of up to 250℃ and is accurate by 0.5℃. Reviewers say it’s their go-to instant read thermometer at home, with many using it to check on a batch of burgers and sausages – the thermometer provides new readings in just seconds. Its large LCD display is easy to read, and its IP65 splash-proof construction allows you to run water over the whole device during clean-up, without any issues. The thermometer has a handy hole so you can hang it up on a hook, and it also has an integrated magnet if you’d prefer to attach it to your fridge, instead. Do note that some reviewers said they noticed the thermometer’s readings became unreliable after two years of use.

Warranty: The manufacturer provides three-year limited warranty. Amazon offers one-year extended warranty for Dh12 and two-year extended warranty for Dh17.

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