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You don't have to spend a fortune to buy a robot vacuum for daily use. Budget options both mop and vacuum efficiently. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Robot vacuum cleaners are handy little helpers around the house. Some of them can even mop the floors, and empty their trash, cleaning up after themselves when they’re done. But there’s no doubt, they can get expensive.

While a few years ago, you wouldn’t have been able to find a decent, yet affordable robot vacuum, now, there are plenty of options to choose from that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Surprisingly enough, most of them don’t just vacuum, they clear wet messes as well, for a complete clean-up, leaving you free to focus on the things you enjoy.

We scoured Amazon and did the research for you, narrowing down the perfect combination of efficiency and price. Our curated list of the best robot vacuums are all under Dh1,000, which would be considered cheap for these home appliances. Choose your favourite with Amazon Prime, and leave cleaning up to the robo pros as early as tomorrow.

1. Best Overall: eufy By Anker RoboVac G20 Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Mop 


  • Vacuums and mops simultaneously
  • Strong suction power
  • Quiet appliance
  • Works with app and voice commands


  • Cannot create prohibited zones

A well-known brand, Anker’s eufy manufactures a range of robot vacuums, and its budget option is nothing to scoff at. This two-in-one appliance both vacuums and mops the floors simultaneously, for a complete deep cleaning experience. The RoboVac G20 uses its Smart Dynamic Navigation system to clean in a Z-shaped path, which is considered to be an far more efficient route to avoid missed spots, than randomised navigation. You can select from four suction modes, and get up to 2,500Pa of suction power, which is fantastic for pet hair and spills. Reviewers say the device is as loud as a microwave oven, at 55 decibels, and they appreciate the fact that they can start or schedule the vacuum with voice commands (it syncs with Alexa or Google Assistant). While it’s an excellent option for daily use, do note that, unfortunately, you cannot mark off areas you do not want it to clean, with magnetic tape.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent installments and pay Dh71 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh52, and two-year extended warranty for Dh73.

2. Best Suction: Proscenic 850T Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 


  • Vacuums and mops simultaneously
  • Pick from four cleaning modes
  • Slim device, can clean under furniture
  • Convenient control options


  • High suction drops its battery level quickly, reviewers say

Another great hybrid option, Proscenic’s 850T both vacuums and mops, using its 200ml water tank and 250ml dustbin to get the job done. There are three suction levels and three water flow levels to choose from – you can manage it through the app, a remote control (included), or voice commands. The best part, reviewers say, is its 3,000Pa suction, which sucks up dust and debris effectively; it also automatically increases its suction power when it detects carpet. The Proscenic 850T has an edge cleaning mode for hard-to-reach corners, and a spot cleaning mode when you don’t need it to clean the entire room. With a run time of 120 minutes on a single charge, it’s a solid contender for daily cleaning, but do note that if you’re running it on high suction, the run time may be much shorter.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent installments and pay Dh75 for 12 months with select banks. Apply a coupon to get an additional Dh219 off.

3. Best Capacity: Ultenic D5s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 


  • Large water tank and dustbin capacity
  • Smart carpet boost function
  • Ability to create no-go zones
  • Long battery life


  • Mopping is just average, reviewers say

Powerful and capable, Ultenic’s D5s Pro uses its 300ml water tank and extra-large 500ml dustbin to meet your cleaning needs. Use its remote control, smartphone app or voice commands to set up cleaning schedules, adjust suction or mopping levels, or switch it on or off. The robot vacuum efficiently cleans up multiple rooms, with its long run time of 150 minutes. You can also use the included boundary strips to create no-go zones, such as at the staircase or in front of the nursery door, so it’s well suited for multi-storey villas. The smart device even has a smart carpet boost function, so it successfully climbs up to 15mm to get to high-pile rugs or carpets, automatically increasing its suction power when it detects the change in flooring. Happy reviewers say it performs well, but its mopping quality is just average, since it sometimes leaves streaks on the floor or doesn’t thoroughly clean up spills.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent installments and pay Dh56.17 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh40, and two-year extended warranty for Dh57.

4. Best Value: Black+Decker Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 


  • Three cleaning modes
  • Vacuums and mops simultaneously
  • Slim appliance
  • Good dustbin and water tank capacity


  • Suction could be better, reviewers say

The popular household appliance brand Black+Decker has come out with a robot vacuum and mop that’s just as reliable as any other product in its range. With up to 120 minutes of runtime, it offers three cleaning modes – auto, spot and edge – letting you target specific areas or just schedule a complete sweep. The robot vacuum has a dedicated mobile app, where you can initiate cleaning sessions remotely, but it also comes with a remote control, and is compatible with Alexa. Reviewers say its slimmer than most robot vacuums they’ve come across – its 7cm frame can slip beneath sofas and tables with ease, allowing it to reach hard-to-clean areas. The vacuum’s 500ml dustbin and 300ml water tank capacity is sufficient for cleaning an entire apartment. While its 2,150Pa suction is adequate, reviewers note that it works better on hard floors than carpets.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent installments and pay Dh71.44 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh52, and two-year extended warranty for Dh73.

5. Best Budget: OKP Life K2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 


  • Good suction power
  • Includes Hepa filter
  • Anti-drop safety mechanism
  • Quiet device


  • Cleaning route is often random

Within cheap robot vacuums, nothing can really compare with OKP Life K2’s price point. With over 12,000 4.1-star ratings on Amazon, this robotic cleaner delivers consistent results. It features four cleaning modes, including one that has it following the wall, for thorough edge cleaning. You can select the suction power needed – it has three modes to choose from, with the most powerful meant to work on low-pile carpets. The large 500ml spill box is equipped with a Hepa (high efficiency particulate absorbing) filter, and 2,100Pa of suction power pulls in all sorts of dirt and debris. Three anti-drop sensors on the device’s chassis ensure it doesn’t fall down stairs in homes with multiple floors. Reviewers say it does a decent job for its price, but note that its cleaning path is arbitrary and not as effective as a Z-shaped navigation system.

Bonus: Buy with zero per cent installments and pay Dh49.48 for 12 months with select banks.

Warranty: Amazon offers one-year extended warranty by Salama Care for Dh35, and two-year extended warranty for Dh49.

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