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Lifting heavy loads doesn't have to be back-breaking work. Check out our list for helpful gadgets and tools that will make all the difference. Image Credit: Pexels/Ketut Subiyanto

Moving homes is an important milestone for any family, but it can also be an incredibly stressful time. If you’re going the do-it-yourself route, rather than getting movers to pack and unpack for you, it can get even more challenging. Making sure everything – from your charging cables to your dining table – is ready for the long haul, with valuables well-cushioned, and all boxes labelled, is like signing up for the Olympics of good organisation. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. A few practical, clever products can go a long way in ensuring your beloved possessions are well taken care of during their journey. Add these items to your cart through Amazon Prime, and get them delivered to you as early as tomorrow, so you can start packing and be prepared for the big move.

1. Stalwart Dolly Mobile Rolling Cart 

This dolly roller is a real back saver. Use it to move heavy appliances, like your washing machine dresser, or refrigerator. The dolly is adjustable and fits a wide variety of products, and it’s incredibly sturdy, with a weight limit of a hefty 100kg. Once you’re done moving homes, the dolly will continue to be useful, since you can use it to transfer suitcases from your home to your car, or to move other similar heavy items.

2. Ergodyne ProFlex 1600 Back Support Brace 

Before you bend and lift, strap on this back brace by Ergodyne, which provides enhanced support and prevents back pain. Let’s face it, we don’t do heavy lifting on a regular basis. When we do, our posture may not be correct, causing our lower back to feel the impact of stress on the spine. Ergodyne’s brace fits snugly around the hips, enhancing the body’s intra-abdominal pressure, and moving the stress away from the spine. You automatically get into the right posture when wearing it, ensuring your days of bending, twisting and lifting don’t have an adverse impact on your body.

3. Phomemo D30 Mini Bluetooth Label Maker 

Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, this label maker can make life a lot easier when you’re organising and packing all your items into boxes. The label maker is tiny, weighs only 160g, and can fit in your pocket or purse. So, it’s perfect to carry around from room to room, as you label pantry items, toiletries, bags and boxes. Eventually, when you’re in your new home, you’ll know just where to find everything, thanks to your handy portable label maker.

4. Super Sliders Assorted Reusable Furniture Sliders (16-Pack) 

Why push your heavy furniture when you can slide it across the room instead? These ingenious furniture sliders can be used on wood, carpet, linoleum, and tile, and are ideal for when you need to rearrange your furniture without doing a number on your back. The sliders reduce snags and tears, and prevent floor damage when moving heavy furniture.

5. Clevermade Utility Totes, 25 Litres 

For all those items you’d need urgently in your new home, like a kettle, cutlery, or bedsheets, use these collapsible Clevermade baskets. They’re space-saving storage bins that’ll easily fit in your car’s trunk, and keep your items organised. Since the bins have a grated wall design, you can easily identify what’s in them. Comfortable side handles make lifting easy, and once you’re done using them, just collapse them and store away! Here’s a pro tip – keep these in your car’s trunk always, so you can use them on your supermarket runs.

6. Pro-Series Moving and Storage Mattress Bag 

Designed to keep your mattress safe against water, dust, UV damage, scrapes and tears, a mattress bag is a must-have when moving homes. This one by Pro-Series is made of strong, puncture-resistant woven material, and includes multiple handles so it’s easy to grip and manoeuvre. Select your mattress size and invest in a bag that you can use over and over again, each time you decide to move homes.

7. Homyfort Dinnerware Storage Containers (Set of 4) 

Forget the rolls of bubble wrap and go for an environmentally friendly option – a stackable storage set for your dinnerware. This set of four includes storage for 12 pieces of drinking glasses, mugs, dinner plates and medium plates. Made with premium 300D Oxford fabric and sturdy cardboard, each box can hold up to 11.5kg of dinnerware. A clear window lets you peek inside to see what’s in the box.

8. Vacuum Storage Bags (Pack of 12) 

Moving your entire wardrobe can seem like a daunting task. A few vacuum storage bags can literally shrink the volume of your clothes as you try to fit as much as possible in a limited number of boxes (the moving truck can only take so many, after all!). This set includes 12 air-tight and water-resistant bags of varying sizes, and even includes a travel pump so you can throw in your clothes, and suck out the air right at the last minute.

9. Beinhome Car Clothes Hanger Bar 

If you’d rather bring your most valuable dresses and suits with you to your new home, pick up this hanger bar for your car. Durable and sturdy, it can hold between 40 to 50 suits. It’s also expandable (from 35 to 63 inches), and easily adjusts to fit cars, vans, four-wheel-drives and even trucks. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free and organised as you move, with this clever product.

10. Moving Blanket for Protecting Furniture 

A durable, quilted moving blanket can make all the difference when you want to move your furniture in a safe, secure way. This thick, padded blanket can be used to cover large surfaces, like dressers and appliances, and even works as a drop cloth. It provides enough cushioning to ensure your possessions are free of scrapes and dents on the drive over to your new home.

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