When you replace your light bulbs with smart LED ones, you can control them from your smartphone or smart speakers, and save big on energy bills. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Lights are necessary for every home, but smart lights make it worth your while, with energy saving, convenient and versatile functionalities. Order them now and get them as early as tomorrow with Amazon Prime membership. Or opt for installation and configuration through Amazon and leave the work to the pros!

Smart Lights Installation Service

Get the professionals to install smart lights in your home through Amazon Home Services’ Smart Lights installation

You can opt for the experts to bring the lights and set them up, or provide your own bulbs. The pros will integrate the lights with WiFi and your mobile phone app, and help you connect it to your voice assistant so that you can control the lights through voice commands.

Warranty: There is a standard warranty of 3 months for all installation related work.

Cost: Starting from Dh100

1. Xiaomi MI Smart LED Bulb (2 pieces) 

These smart bulbs are WiFi enabled and don’t require a hub to control them. You can connect them to Google Assistant and Alexa so that all you require to switch them on and off, is your voice. But if you’d prefer using an app, the Mi Home App is ready to go. The lights have adjustable brightness and can even change colour. Program them if you’d like them to go on or off at certain times of the day.

2. Philips Hue White & Colour Ambiance Smart Bulb Twin Pack

Simply screw in these LED bulbs and connect to the Bluetooth app – there’s nothing to it. Designed especially for small spaces, the lights have a brightness of 800 Lumen, perfect for ambient lighting. You can play with different colours or just unwind with soft white light. These smart bulbs can also be controlled by voice commands through Echo and Google Nest.

3. Smart Modern LED Pendant Light, 3 Rings

Even as you transform your home into a smart home, you have options to change the entire look of your living room. This smart LED chandelier is beautiful and contemporary, and can be operated through a Bluetooth app, a remote control or a wall switch. The best part is that its energy savings are as high as 85%, saving you money even as you enjoy its modern, minimalist design.

4. Golden Smart Ceiling Light

Stay simple with this ambient ceiling light that is dimmable and can be controlled via your smartphone through Bluetooth, through a remote control or via a wall switch. The LED light lasts over 30,000 hours and is energy-saving – it lights up uniformly without flickering and is gentle and bright. Perfect for any room in the house!

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