Restock your pantry with vegan products from Amazon. Image Credit: Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

Plant-based diets are rapidly gaining traction. You can now make scrambled eggs from a legume formula, Alfredo sauce from blended cashews and plant burgers that taste as meaty as they come. What’s not to love? Plant produce is easier on the stomach; plus, it doesn’t contribute to climate change nor potential heart diseases.

While meat and dairy alternatives are yet to hit stores in full swing, our list from Amazon has everything from vegan mayonnaise to almond milk for you to try. Experiment with a range of products before you truly commit to the delicious vegan lifestyle in 2022.

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1. Beyond Meat Beyond Burger, Frozen, 2x113 g

On your next family cook-out, switch it up with Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger patties. They are made of pea protein, packed with all the essential nutrients minus cholesterol and trans fat. Safe for grilling and pan frying, this box of two patties can last for up to 10 days if kept frozen. Each plant patty gives you 20 grams of protein with neither soy nor gluten in the mix. Reviewers swear no one can tell the difference.

2. Alpro Almond No Sugars, 1L, Pack of 6, White

Nutty, creamy milk that doesn’t upset your tummy? Yes, please. Say goodbye to bloating with this sugar-free almond milk by Alpro, coming in six in a pack. Lactose intolerant coffee lovers not only get their favourite beverage back, but they also get to taste hints of lightly roasted Mediterranean almonds with every sip. Rest assured, the fortified milk has calcium, vitamin D and B12.

3. Parmesan Shreds 5oz (141.7g) Plant-Based Cheese

Help yourself to a generous garnish of vegan parmesan, guilt-free. This shredded cheese by Good Planet gives you five servings in one pack for your everyday pasta. It is as cheesy the real deal without soy, gluten and dairy.

4. American Garden Eggless Mayonnaise, 450 g

Replace your go-to jar of mayo with American Garden’s eggless formula. Dairy-free and soybean oil-based, this 450ml of vegan mayo tastes exactly the same.

5. Eat Real Lentil Chips, Chilli & Lemon, 113 g (Pack of 1)

Movie nights are going to be healthier and tastier with this bag of lentil chips dusted in chilli and lemon flavouring. Eat Real’s gluten-free and vegan snack comes in a sizeable bag that will last you through late night cravings.

6. Freakin Healthy Classic Granola Bar, Pack of 10, 500 g

For your on-the-go snacking needs, try Freakin’ Healthy’s classic granola bars complete with proteins, iron and carbohydrates. These are nut-free and all natural, so you’re not consuming refined sugar, artificial flavouring or gluten. Munch on a bar on your busiest days to replenish your energy and enjoy the tasty traces of fig and cinnamon.

7. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Vanilla Powder, 20 Servings 

If you’re working out and are looking for a vegan protein powder, look no further. This muscle-building organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) protein powder is made from peas, raw sprouted seeds, grains and legumes, with live probiotics and 13 digestive enzymes - everything you need for a delicious, healthy smoothie. Rebuild your muscles, reduce recovery time, and promote digestive and immune health.

8. Slurrp Farm American Classic Vanilla Pancake Mix 

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh pancakes or waffles in the morning? Made from millets - naturally organic, ancient Indian super grains - this version is incredibly nutritious and easily digestible, and of course, vegan. It’s junk-free, made with real vanilla, and has absolutely no refined sugar. Win, win, win!

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