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Man who tossed a bagful of cash into a garbage bin pays dearly

How a careless act triggered a series of events that wrecked the life of an Indian manager in Ras Al Khaimah

Image Credit: XPRESS/Mazhar Farooqui
Uncertain future: Abdul Wahab

SHARJAH: An Indian manager in Ras Al Khaimah has found his life turned upside down after he accidentally tossed a bagful of cash into a garbage bin.

The bag contained Dh105,439 that belonged to his company.

Abdul Wahab, 32, who worked at the firm as branch manager, said his carelessness not just cost his job but also triggered a series of unfortunate events which have left him penniless and homeless.

“A moment of neglect is a lifetime of regret. Who would know this better than me,” said Wahab as he recalled the incident. “On March 10, 2015, I stopped by at a dumpster in Shajrah’s Al Nahda area to discard some food wrappers and empty coke cans lying in my car. By mistake, along with the trash, I also threw the bag which contained the cash. When I realised the blunder a few hours later I rushed back and rummaged through the dumpster but it was too late. The money was gone.”

Wahab said he immediately alerted his boss and was advised to lodge a police complaint. Since my company had theft insurance, they wanted me to tell the police that the money had been stolen. I could have said that, but I didn’t want to lie.” He said the company was upset with him and rejected his offer to pay them back in installments.

“The following month I was sacked. If this was not bad enough they also deposited a security cheque of Dh105,439 which I had given them in good faith. “Weighed down by liabilities my life became a wreck. My landlord evicted me. I was born and brought up in the UAE but was forced to sleep in a car before being arrested and spending over two months for defaulting on a previous loan,” said Wahab, who once got an award for the best manager. “I am living on the edge. I buy a packet of noodles and survive on it for days. I don’t know how long I can continue like this. I made a mistake alright, but I don’t deserve this.”

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