UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash and Sudanese Premier Abdalla Hamdok Image Credit: Twitter

Cairo: The long Muslim Brotherhood-supported rule of Oman Al Bashir, deposed last year, has left behind a legacy of “gross failure” and instability in Sudan, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Gargash said Thursday.

Last April, the Sudanese army toppled Al Bashir after months of street protests against his 30-year rule.

“Of my impressions during my visit to Khartoum is that the era of Al Bashir and the Muslim Brotherhood has left behind a gross failure in administering the country, and providing stability and welfare,” Dr Gargash tweeted, days after he returned from a trip to the country.

“Sudanese are today facing accumulations of the failed ideology and are determined to build a modern system to extricate their country from the tough years,” he added.

Earlier this week, Gargash visited Khartoum where he met senior transitional officials including chief of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al Burhan and Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok.

During the trip, Gargash also confirmed UAE support for the success of the post-Al Bashir transitional period in Sudan.

The UAE has offered financial and diplomatic support to Sudan since Al Bashir’s overthrow.

Citing the Khartoum visit, he called for “return of credibility” in Arab regional policy.

“[This] is a necessity in view of domineering steps of regional powers over the Arab system. Reproducing empire ambitions and ridiculous definition of neighbourhood is nothing but a cover-up for a new colonial expansion at the expense of the Arab world,” he said in a tweet without giving specific names.

Turkey’s military intervention in Libya has recently triggered global fears of fueling a years-long conflict in the oil-rich country.