Undercover Israeli security personnel and Israeli occupation soldiers detain Palestinian protester during clashes near the Jewish colony of Bet El in the occupied West Bank. Image Credit: Reuters

Ramallah: A Palestinian woman was shot near Al Haram Al Sharif in occupied East Jerusalem after an Israeli colonist harassed her while on her way to Wadi Al Jouz.

The woman, Hanin Doyat, is believed to be 20 years old or younger.

According to eyewitness reports, the Jewish colonist tried to pull off her headscarf. In response, she hit the attacker with her handbag and was then shot at point-blank range. It was unclear whether she was shot by the colonist or by Israeli police.

The Israeli regime claims the woman had a knife and stabbed the colonist, but sources who spoke Gulf News disputed the claim, saying there were no traces of blood at the scene before the woman was shot.

The sources said the bleeding woman was laid on the ground and stripped naked. Enraged Palestinian bystanders clashed with Israeli occupation forces near Lion’s Gate at Al Haram Al Sharif.

The woman was taken to an Israeli hospital for treatment, but no information has been released about her condition, identity or age.

Observers say the attack was an attempt by the Israeli regime to scare the Murabitat - women defenders of Al Haram Al Sharif - who have largely been successful in the past of preventing Jewish raids on the Muslim holy site.

The Israeli regime has beefed up its military and police forces in the occupied holy city on an unprecedented scale. Observers say this is an attempt to judaise the entire city, erasing its Palestinian and Muslim identity entirely.