Ramallah: A 22-year-old Palestinian man was shot in his spine before being run over by an Israeli military vehicle in the village of Kofr Malek, east of Ramallah.

Palestinian medical sources told Gulf News that Israeli occupation troops had been chasing Abdullah Eyad Ghanayem when the driver lost control of the vehicle, which hit Ghanayem and ran him over. Ghanayem was left bleeding under the jeep for several hours even as the soldiers denied access to medics trying to assist him.

Israeli forces raided the village of Kofr Malek in pre-dawn operations to arrest wanted Palestinians. At least ten Palestinian youths were wounded by rubber-coated bullets.

Israeli sources said that Ghanayem threw stones and a fire bomb at Israeli soldiers, but his family strongly denied the accusations. Ghanayem’s family said he was on his way to work at a local chicken farm when Israeli soldiers chased him in their jeep and shot him in the back.

Another Israeli version of the incident was that the jeep had struck Ghanayem by accident during clashes in the village.

Ghanayem had only been released from an Israeli prison in August 2014 after serving two years.

Ramallah governor Laila Ghannam pleaded with the international community to condemn the incident saying that Palestinans needed protection from the brutality of the Israeli occupation forces who consistently showed complete disregard for Palestinian human rights.

“What happened to Abdullah was simply premeditated murder,” she said.

Last week Israeli troops shot and killed another Palestinian youth, Ezz Al Deen Bani Ghari, in the Jenin refugee camp.