drug test
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Dubai: The Iraqi Ministry of Education and Scientific Research has announced that all applicants for postgraduate studies, including master’s and doctoral programmes, must pass a narcotics and psychotropic substances test.

This requirement marks the first time such a measure has been implemented in Iraq’s education system.

Ministry spokesperson Haider Al Aboudi said that the new policy mandates the inclusion of a laboratory analysis report within the application documents for graduate studies.

“We are taking this measure for the first time in the history of the ministry,” Al Aboudi said, emphasising the ministry’s commitment to align with other government institutions to combat drug use and ensure the behavioural safety of individuals within governmental sectors.

The decision follows directives from the National Security Advisory, as part of governmental efforts to curb the increasing prevalence of drug use in Iraq.

With drug-related issues now considered a greater threat than terrorism, Iraqi security services are intensifying their efforts to stem the rising tide of drug consumption.