Man stabs
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Creative Commons

Cairo: Egyptian police arrested a teenager who killed his brother after a dispute over a pair of trousers near Cairo, local media reported.

An altercation erupted between the 17-year-old boy and his older brother aged 20 after the former had put on the trousers belonging to the latter in their family house in the area of Kerdasa in Giza, the semi-official newspaper Akhbar Al Youm said.

Police investigations found that the dispute had heated up between the two brothers as their mother had unsuccessfully tried to resolve it, according to it.

Agitated, the teenager brought a knife from the kitchen and fatally stabbed his older brother in the chest before he fled from the place amid the distraught mother’s cries, the report added.

Police later arrested the suspect who admitted to the murder.

District prosecutors are investigating the case.