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STOCK Saudi Arabia skyline Image Credit: Shutterstock

Cairo: Saudi Arabia’s labour authorities have urged employers to register and update data on their businesses’ branches and employees before a deadline expires as part of efforts to regulate the job market.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources said registration is accessible via its Qiwa platform, stressing that the service enables employers to boost operation and management of their establishments.

The ministry has set the registration deadline at May 30 for the establishment employing 20 workers at most, June 30 for the establishment manned by 21 to 40 workers, and July 30 for the establishment employing at least 50.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia, home to a large community of expatriate workers, has sought to regulate its job market, and boost its attractiveness and competitiveness.

Last year, the Ministry of Human Resources unveiled an authentication plan via the Qiwa platform obligating private sector institutions to document 20 per cent of their employees’ contracts in the first quarter of 2023, 50 per cent in the second half, and 80 per cent in the third quarter.

The plan aims to preserve rights of parties to the contractual relationship, and provide a stable labour environment conducive for the employee’s productivity increase and bolstering the job market in the kingdom.

In 2020, Saudi Arabia introduced major labour reforms, drastically improving its sponsorship system.

The reforms, which went into effect in the ensuing year, allow job mobility and regulate the exit and re-entry visa issuance for expatriate workers without employers’ approval.