A schoolteacher has been sacked after he was convicted of religious radicalism. Image Credit: Pexels

Cairo: An Egyptian court has confirmed the dismissal of a schoolteacher from his job after he was convicted of religious radicalism, fabricating a hadith and falsely attributing it to the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to incite politically motivated killings.

The Higher Administrative Court unanimously upheld the penalty, saying that the teacher had incited killing a female colleague in his school in a Cairo suburb and fabricated the hadith to back up his opinion.

The teacher whose name was not given alleged that killing supporters of the ruling system goes to paradise, Egyptian media said.

“This is mass incitement to killing and mixes religion and politics,” the court was quoted as saying in explaining its verdict. “What the teacher said represents contempt of religion by fabricating hadiths to achieve political gains reflecting his political stance against the state,” it added.

Since the 2013 ouster of the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt has pursued a relentless crackdown on militancy.