crime scene
He is said to have mixed insecticide in his baby’s milk and fed her while his wife was away. Representational image only. Image Credit: Pexels

Dubai: An Egyptian man allegedly killed his infant by feeding her toxic milk, local media reported.

He is said to have mixed insecticide in his baby’s milk and fed her while his wife was away.

The baby’s tearful mother said: “My husband did not want the baby since the very moment he learnt I am pregnant. He wanted me to abort her. I refused although he insisted. He used to say that he would get me into trouble if I did not abort the foetus.

“He once told me that he would sell the baby and would not buy her anything if I continued with the pregnancy. I replied to him that I would file a case against him if he did so,” the victim’s mother said.

She added that her husband accompanied her to the hospital the day she went to deliver and refused to pay for the birth certificate.

“Forty days after I delivered, I resumed my work. I asked him then to take care of the baby because I leave for work at 5am and return at 8pm. I used to reach home while she was sleeping. He was killing her slowly.

"One day, he prepared me some food mixed with sleeping pills. Although I refused to eat at the beginning, he insisted. He mixed her milk with insecticide and asked me for the first time since our marriage to go to sleep. I woke up half an hour before Fajr prayers and found him sitting next to my little daughter smoking. She woke up at the time but he gave her the poisoned milk again.

"The next day, to my surprise, my baby did not wake up. I asked my neighbour’s help but they told me that my baby was dead. I started screaming and crying. I wanted to take her to a government hospital but he refused saying that will land him in trouble.

"I took her to hospital against his will and forensic report proved that she died of poisoning. I reported the crime to local police and I wish they will execute him by hanging,” the mother concluded.