For illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Three female students in Alexandria -based school have been arrested for poisoning their classmate for scoring higher marks in exams, local media reported.

Alexandria’s attorney general decided to imprison the three schoolgirls for four days pending investigation on charges of murdering their colleague after putting poison in a piece of cake, apparently envious of her for securing higher grades in exams.

The victim, Israa Kamal Awadh was known for her academic excellence at Abu Bakr Al Siddique Preparatory School where she used to get excellent grades higher than the suspects who plotted to poison her.

The prosecution ordered an autopsy of the victim’s body, and later the forensic report showed that the girl’s death was caused by poison.

According to local media, six schoolgirls had eaten cake on their way back home, where three of them were immediately taken to the Amiri University Hospital for treatment after they suffered severe vomiting and fatigue.

Israa died at the hospital, while the second student suffered a kidney failure and the third one survived.