Dubai: The United Nations special envoy for Yemen is expected to present to the country’s warring parties a comprehensive plan to end the war there, according to media reports.

Esmail Ould Shaikh Ahmad will present a three-point plan to the parties negotiating an end to the war at UN-backed talks in Kuwait, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya news channel reported on Monday.

The first component of the proposal will reportedly involve preliminary procedures, most significant of which is the annulment of the “Constitutional Declaration” enacted by the Al Houthi militia in February 2015, following its takeover of the Yemeni capital Sana’a in September 2014, and reverse every subsequent change in state institutions as a result.

According to the declaration, pro-Al Houthi “revolutionary committees” formed a transitional council to replace the parliament.

The second component involves the setting up of an internationally-backed military council consisting of military leaders who have not been involved in the war. It will also include the withdrawal of forces from what Al Arabiya described as Area A, which includes the capital and the security belt around it, and the return of the government to the capital within two months.

Coinciding with Al Houthis’ withdrawal from Sana’a and handing over of weapons, a national unity government will be formed, and it will issue a general amnesty and start a process of reconciliation.

The third component foresees a two year transition period which will see the resumption of a political process.