The tweet posted by Noora - Okaz Image Credit: Twitter

Manama: Thousands of men from various nationalities have expressed their readiness to marry a rich Saudi businesswoman who posted her wish to get married on the Twitter microblog.

“I am a divorced woman, but I have no children. I am looking for a man who would love only me. I have SR100 million and much more that I have inherited from my late father, God bless his soul. I also own a company that I am managing. I want a husband who loves me and I will be devoted to him. I am 39 years old. I just want a baby,” the woman who called herself “Noora, a Divorcee Unfortunately”, said.

Noora said that she was serious about the husband she would choose and that he only has to accept her conditions, local daily Okaz reported on Sunday.

The list of those who have already responded to Noora’s call includes men from various ages and educational background, the daily said.

Beside those who are dreaming about becoming rich, a number of intellectuals have said that they were ready to marry the rich businesswoman, it added.

Comments on social networks varied between elated enthusiasts who said that they were willing to marry the woman to disheartened skeptics who said that the offer was too bizarre to be true.