Razan Al Ajmi is planning to establish a free paragliding club in the Kingdom. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Razan Al Ajmi has become the first Saudi woman to jump off a plane from 15,000 feet carrying the Kingdom’s flag, local media reported.

The video, posted on Instagram, shows Al Ajmi confidently walking towards the aircraft wearing a white T-shirt with an outline of the map of Saudi Arabia on the front and the flag on her sleeve.

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After the jump, she unfurls the flag as she dives to the ground.

“Achieving my dream to jump with country flag is starting now,” Razan Al Ajami said in the caption of the Instagram video.

The seasoned diver revealed that she started learning free skydiving a year and a half ago and holds the certificate of the first trainer among men and women for this sport.

She received her training and skydiving licence in Dubai, where the sport is more widely practiced than in the Kingdom.

In addition to skydiving, Razan has been practicing mountaineering for five years.

She is now planning to establish a free paragliding club in the Kingdom to increase the number of practitioners of this sport.

Skydiving is becoming more popular in Saudi Arabia, with a handful of companies offering opportunities to participate in the activity.