Eid (left) during the reunion celebrations. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A Saudi family experienced a heartwarming reunion with Eid Saud Al Sumani, who had been separated from them for an astounding 40 years in the United States.

The emotional gathering was accompanied by touching moments captured in photos and videos that quickly went viral on social media.

Eid’s journey is deeply intertwined with a complex family history. His father, Saud Al Samani, had two sons with his American wife before they parted ways.

Following the separation, the mother returned to the United States with their sons, leading to a breakdown in communication over time.

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Tragically, after the passing of both the boys’ mother and brother, the connection between Eid and his Saudi family was lost for decades.

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The quest to find Eid was reignited when his determined uncle, eager to reconnect with his nephews, sought assistance from the Saudi embassy in Washington. Despite challenges, his uncle’s perseverance paid off, leading to the discovery of Eid.

However, it was discovered that his brother had already passed away. Plans were made for Eid to return to his homeland and reunite with his family, many of whom were proficient in English, while Eid himself was not fluent in Arabic.

During the emotional reunion, Eid, dressed in traditional Saudi attire, expressed his immense happiness and relief at being reunited with his extended family.

He openly shared his deep longing for the familial connections he had missed during his time in the United States.

As Eid contemplates his future, he faces the decision of where to spend the rest of his life – whether to settle in Saudi Arabia with his family or explore other possibilities elsewhere. The poignant tale of the “absent son” has not only deeply resonated within the family but has also touched a broader audience on social media. Numerous users have shown their support, encouraging him to embrace his father’s homeland and extending a warm welcome.