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Ronaldo (centre) in a ‘Kandoura' Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A video of the Portuguese football sensation and Al Nasr striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, donning a traditional Saudi outfit and strolling through Riyadh’s streets, has set social media abuzz.

The clip, which shows Ronaldo in a ‘Kandoura’, the traditional Saudi attire, has been widely shared and celebrated, particularly among Al Nasr supporters and football enthusiasts globally.

Some Saudis took to social media platforms to share their admiration for Ronaldo’s gesture.

One such comment highlighted, “seeing him walk our streets in our attire sends a positive message to his vast follower base, which runs in the hundreds of millions. Who knows, the Saudi dress might even become a trend in Europe.”

Ronaldo’s popularity in the Arab world skyrocketed post his transfer to Al Nasr.

It’s noteworthy that Ronaldo made the leap to Al Nasr last December, following the conclusion of his contract with Manchester United.

He signed on for an impressive annual package of 200 million euros, with a commitment stretching over two and a half years.