A mobile prosecution office fitted with advanced technology necessary for conducting fast-track investigations. Image Credit: Source: Al Ekhbariya

Cairo: Saudi authorities have introduced a mobile prosecution office in the holy places where the rites of the annual Hajj pilgrimage are performed to fast-track justice and boost security for the pilgrims.

The office is equipped with advanced technology necessary for conducting fast-track investigations and swiftly moving to the place of crime.

More than 2 million Muslims from across the globe are anticipated to attend this week’s Hajj in and around Mecca amid relentless efforts to ensure the pilgrims’ security and safety.

Saudi officials have repeatedly confirmed zero tolerance against any attempt to disrupt the serenity of the annual gathering.

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The kingdom’s Attorney General, Saud bin Abdullah Al Mojeb, said this week that authorities will enforce tough penalties against illegal attempts to perform pilgrimage without the official permits.

“Public prosecution is ready to serve the pilgrims by being keen to handle cases related to the pilgrims and guarantee their rights,” he told Saudi TV Al Ekhbariya. “Our slogan is fast-tracked justice,” he added.

Earlier this year, Al Mojeb launched the premises of a prosecution unit in Mecca’s central zone handling cases related to Umrah (the minor pilgrimage) and Hajj.

This unit went into service last year. A similar branch was set up in the vicinity of the Prophet’s Mosque in the city of Medina, Islam’s second holiest site, to serve pilgrims and visitors.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has revamped its justice system as part of sweeping reforms and socio-economic changes espoused by the crown prince.

In March last year, a prosecution office for Hajj and Umrah cases opened next to the Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site in Mecca. This office is responsible for ensuring justice protection for Hajj and Umrah rites and pilgrims, as well as initiating legal procedures in crimes linked to violations of these rituals or desecrating the sacred place.