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Khamis Mushait governorate in the Asir region experienced heavy hail on Friday. Image Credit: Video grab/Twitter

Dubai: A hailstorm wreaked havoc in Saudi Arabia’s Khamis Mushait governorate in the Asir region on Friday. Vehicles were submerged, and roads were blocked by hail, resulting in severe disruption to local traffic.

Videos circulated on social media depicted the aftermath of the unusual weather event.

In addition to Asir, heavy rains also lashed the south of the Kingdom and Riyadh. Accompanied by thunderstorms and “papyrus” fall, the downpour has led to significant runoff in valleys. Rain clouds are reportedly multiplying over scattered parts of Western Riyadh, its north, and areas east of the northern border.

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The National Meteorological Centre’s report predicted a high probability of moderate to heavy thunderstorms, leading to torrential downpours across the Kingdom.

The General Directorate of Civil Defence urged residents to exercise caution amidst the extreme weather fluctuations.

Specifically, they advised the public to avoid places prone to flash floods, including valleys and dams.