A classroom in Saudi Arabia. Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has issued a decision permitting female teachers to instruct boys up to completion of primary school in international and private schools.

The new directive, aimed at enhancing the quality of education in the kingdom. Education Minister Yousuf Al Benyan said women are now allowed to teach students of both genders from kindergarten up to the sixth grade.

The move is designed to “facilitate the transition of children from preschool to the completion of primary school smoothly and easily, and to ensure psychological stability for them,” according to the Minister’s statement.

This initiative also seeks to “enhance the role of the private sector to achieve quality standards in providing educational services in modern patterns that serve educational outcomes.”

The minister has instructed all relevant parties to comply with this new regulation, and any contradicting rules will be annulled.

Previously, female teachers were only permitted to teach male students up to the third grade in the lower primary levels. This decision extends this permission, enabling them to teach throughout the entire primary stage, marking a significant shift in the educational landscape of Saudi Arabia.