A screenshot shows the rescuer (centre) receiving gifts for his good deed. Image Credit: Videograb

Cairo: Since the news of his rescue of a child from being hit on a road outside Riyadh went around, a Saudi man has been basking in plaudits and been showered with luxury gifts in a gesture of appreciation to his deed.

Last month, a video went viral showing a man, named Abdullah Al Anzi, stopping his car on seeing a child walking in the middle on a road in Al Kharj city, south east of Riyadh, to allow him safely cross to the other side.

But as Al Anzi did so, he saw a speeding car that could have hit the child. In an attempt to save the boy, he swiftly swerved his car and blocked the other that subsequently crashed into his. The child emerged unhurt.

Al Anzi’s deed has earned him praise with admirers calling it “heroic”. An assortment of rewards have since been lavished out on him.

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Businessman Sheikh Hazah Aba Al Rus recently presented him a gift of cash, a sword, an Arabian horse and a traditional bishet cloak. Attendees at the party lauded Al Anzi for his act.

Saudi business tycoon Prince Al Walid bin Talal had earlier rewarded the man with a car and a cash gift while two businesses presented him two cars, media reports said. This was not all.

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Al Anzi got more presents including offers to repair his car and the other one damaged due to his rescue act as well as an auto insurance and a year-long fuel supply.

Saudi news website Al Marsd reported that a jewellery store had gifted a diamond ring to Al Anzi and another to the boy’s mother.

In a gesture of honouring, Riyadh Governor Prince Faisal bin Bandr received Al Anzi at his office.

For his part, Al Anzi said his deed was not heroic and that any other person would have acted as he did.

He said that on seeing the boy on the road, he preferred having damage wrought on the “iron”, i.e. the car, not harming the child.

On seeing the boy, the rescuer recalled, he thought of his little son. He added that the driver of the other car demanded him pay SR5,000 in compensation for the damage caused to his vehicle.