A security guard carries the girl after the fall. Image Credit: Videograb

Dubai: A two-year-old girl defied the odds and miraculously survived a fall from the fourth floor of a building in Afif city in the Riyadh region of central Saudi Arabia.

The father, Mouti’ Al Murshid, expressed his disbelief at his daughter Retal’s survival, saying that he never expected her to live through such a terrifying ordeal.

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Recounting the harrowing incident, Al Murshid said that his wife and two children were in a room on the fourth floor with other women who live in the same building. However, when Retal’s sister accidentally opened a window in the hall, the toddler fell from it.

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Al Murshid, who was away on a work assignment in Riyadh at that time, received the news from the building’s security guard.

Upon hearing of his daughter’s fall, Al Murshid rushed back to Afif. Even after several tests, he remains concerned for Retal’s well-being and intends to seek further medical evaluation.

Reflecting on the miraculous turn of events, Al Murshid expressed profound gratitude to God for sparing his daughter’s life.

He recounted how the security guard, initially believing Retal to be dead upon finding her on the ground, was astounded to discover signs of life in her. Swift action was taken to summon an ambulance for her urgent medical care, Al Murshid said.