Manama: A short video clip of two men recklessly driving at high speed on the wrong side of a highway has sparked outrage in Saudi Arabia.

The video shows the two men seemingly enjoying putting the lives of other drivers and their own at risk as they come face-to-face with unsuspecting vehicles.

On one occasion, the driver teases a police car, pretending he is going to smash into it before veering at the last second, laughing off the dangerous stunt, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Monday.


Online users said they were shocked by the carelessness displayed by the driver and his passenger and called for deterring action that should include public lashing and long prison terms.

"This is the epitome of recklessness and carelessness," Saba, an online user, said. 'They have really stooped so low and deserve the harshest punishment."

Abdul Aziz called for public action against them.

"They deserve to be left in a public place for two months and then put to death so that they can serve as deterrents for other people who may be tempted to do what these two did," he posted.

Muhib also called for the death penalty.

"They should be executed because they are killers," he said. "Nothing good can be expected from such people and the best thing is to rid the world of them before they cause deaths and damages."

Saudi Arabia has one of the highest traffic accident rates in the Arab world and the authorities have often launched campaigns to reduce the alarming figures and restore a better driving culture.

However, the campaigns have not yielded the expected results and the authorities launched Al Saher system to check chaotic driving and monitor violations that included mainly jumping red lights.

Under the system used mainly in large cities, drivers are immediately fined for breaking regulations, with penalties increasing in case fines are not paid within a specific period of time.