Caption: The suspects and some of the items seized by the police - Sabq

Manama:Saudi authorities have arrested a Syrian man and a Filipina for making bombs and explosive belts in a residential area in the capital Riyadh.

A spokesperson for the interior ministry said that the police, acting on information about the existence of a workshop inside a house in Al Fayha District in Riyadh, raided the place and arrested the Syrian man, Mohammad Shafiq Al Barazi who had entered the Saudi kingdom since 2010.

The police also arrested a Filipina who was staying illegally in the country who sewed and helped prepare explosive belts.

The Filipina, identified as Lady Joy, had eloped from her employer around 15 months ago, the spokesperson added.

The Syrian man had booby-trapped the house with the explosives, totally oblivious to the deadly danger he was posing through his irresponsible act.

He also kept a second house in Al Jazeera District in Riyadh and used to harbour fugitives wanted by the Saudi authorities, the spokesperson said.

The police raided both houses on Wednesday after taking all the precautions and measures to ensure the safety of the residents in the areas.

According to the spokesperson, the authorities found in Al Fayha house two ready-to-use explosive belts, an integrated laboratory to make explosives and explosive belts, 10 barrels filled with chemical substances, a machine gun with three magazines and 88 rounds, two hard disks and three cameras. They also found detonators, nails, sewing machines, an electronic scale, an oxygen cylinder, duct tapes, and cotton material, the spokesperson said.

At the second house used as a hideout, the police found furniture and clothes that indicated the place was used as a safe haven for terrorists and a locale to provide them with safety belts.