Riyadh/Manama: A senior Saudi defence official has described statements against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states by Iranian lawmakers on Wednesday as "threatening".

More than 200 Iranian lawmakers on Wednesday condemned what they called the "frightening crimes" of Saudi troops in Bahrain and demanded their departure.

Saudi Arabia's Assistant Minister of Defence and Aviation, Prince Khalid Bin Sultan, told reporters the Peninsula Shield force was sent to Bahrain upon the request of its government and in conformity with the GCC Charter and its regulations. "These forces are currently under the command of Bahrain's Chief of Staff and work for the defence and security of Bahrain," he said.

Asked about the possibility of establishing a permanent base for the Peninsula Shield force in Bahrain, the Saudi defence official cautioned against exaggerating the issue. "In general, the situation in Bahrain is stable," he said.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti lawmaker has called upon the foreign ministry to expel the Iranian Charge d'Affaires and sever diplomatic ties with Iran.

MP Mubarak Al Walan on Wednesday said his call was in response to the "provocative and irresponsible" statements issued by Iranian officials and newspapers targeting the Gulf Cooperation Council.

"Iranian media close to decision makers and to the Revolutionary Guards are making horrible allegations against Kuwait," the MP said.

Kuwait's Foreign Ministry should be tough in responding to antagonistic statements and assume its responsibilities with full seriousness, Al Walan said.

Both Bahrain and Kuwait last month recalled their ambassadors to Iran for consultations.