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A picture taken on September 22, 2020 shows a Saudi national flag in the capital Riyadh. - From scrubbing hate-filled school textbooks to a taboo-defying religious sermon, Saudi Arabia is pushing for another kind of normalisation after declining to establish formal relations with Israel -- co-existence with Jews. (Photo by FAYEZ NURELDINE / AFP) Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Saudi Arabia's Public Prosecution announced strict guidelines and penalties for the misuse of the nation's flag, coinciding with the 93rd National Day celebrations.

The directives were issued to ensure the proper and respectful usage of the national emblem, particularly during the significant celebrations taking place today (Saturday).

As per the Public Prosecution, anyone found dropping the Saudi flag will face stringent penalties, including up to a year of imprisonment and a fine of 3,000 Saudi riyals.

Furthermore, it has been clarified that the flag cannot be utilized for advertising or as a trademark, emphasizing its sacred status in the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Interior also elaborated on the guidelines:

1.  The flag cannot be used as a binding or carrying tool.

2.  Flags in poor or faded condition must not be raised. They should be respectfully disposed of once they're deemed unusable.

3.  Commercial use, including trademarks and advertising, of the flag is strictly prohibited.

4.  No commercial material should bear the flag.

5.  Animals must not be marked or printed with the flag.

6.  Keeping the flag in unclean or potentially damaging locations is not allowed.

7.  The flag's image should not be present on disposable items.

8.  No additional phrases, logos, or drawings are to be added to the flag.

9.  Decorations or additions to the flag's edges are strictly forbidden.

10. The flag should always be displayed correctly and never inverted.

11. Only the flag of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques can bear the state emblem, located at the bottom corner adjacent to the flagpole.

12. Flags, whether the national one or that of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, must not be flown at half-mast.

13. The flag should not touch anything beneath it, including the ground, water, or tables.

In relation to the unique flag of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, it is similar to the national flag but features the state emblem, represented by two crossed swords beneath a palm tree, intricately embroidered with golden silk threads in the lower corner next to the flagpole.