Dubai: A Saudi father who slit the throats of his three daughters, aged three to six, in front of their mother, was on drugs, according to witnesses.

Gulf News had reported that the 33-year-old man killed all his daughters in Makkah. It was reported that he had also stabbed his wife. However, police said she had been hospitalized with a nervous breakdown. The man has been arrested.

 Woman scream

According to a neighbor who called 911 and reported the killing, the incident happened at 11 am on Sunday. The neighbour said he heard the woman scream from inside the house and soon after the father left the apartment. The man then walked to the corner grocery shop and sat down, sipping water looking as if nothing had happened.


The neighbour said when he approached him asking about the screams, he answered it was no big deal. Minutes later his wife rushed out of the building shouting hysterically: “My daughters, my daughters”.

The neighbor asked him if he had hurt his daughters. The father replied: “You are welcome to my home, go inside.” Two other neighbors came and all three went up to the apartment to find all three daughters throats were slit.

Kept aloof

Neighbors said the family was living in their neighbourhood for five years. The man works in a security company as a guard. He kept to himself and did not mix with neighbours.

Sources confirmed to Sauid Sabaq online that the father had admitted to police that he did not sleep for days, and was on drugs.