Saleh Al Senaidi with the worker, who was not named, during a marriage ceremony in a village near Dhaka. Image Credit: Sabq portal

Cairo: A Saudi man has said he travelled to Bangladesh to attend his employee’s wedding party and know firsthand traditions in the South Asian country.

Saleh Al Senaidi said he had travelled along with a friend to the employee’s home village near capital Dhaka for the event.

“I came to know him five years ago. I largely depend on him in work because of his honesty and keenness to safeguard reputation of the work,” said the employer.

“The motive for the trip is interest in narrowing distances, boosting feelings of fraternity and humanity between us, exposure to a new experience and exploring other people’s rituals and traditions,” Al Senaidi told Saudi news portal Sabq.

“When the worker asked me to share the joy of his wedding, I agreed on his request immediately.”

The Saudi employer said he was impressed by Bangladeshis’ warm welcome, saying several of them insisted on inviting him for lunch, dinner or tea.

“They overwhelmed us with feelings of respect and appreciation beyond description,” he said.

“Our visit made a great impact. Everyone in the district came out to welcome us.”

Some of the hosts, added Al Senaidi, recalled their work and reminiscences in Saudi Arabia, which is home to a large community of migrant workers.

He cited similarity in traditions between Saudis and Bangladeshis. “For example, the bridegroom is driven in a wedding procession inside a car along with his father, uncle and relatives. The wedding ceremony is held at the would-be wife’s residence.”

Al Senaidi urged employers to treat their workers well. “They are your brothers in humanity. So, don’t belittle or look down on them,” he said. “They are human beings like you, but their hard circumstances have forced them to leave their families and home countries searching for livelihoods.”