Dubai: Saudi Arabia welcomed both the oldest and witnessed the death of the youngest pilgrims participating in this spiritual journey.

Sarahouda Stiti, claimed to be 130-year-old woman from Algeria, has been recognised as this year’s oldest Hajj pilgrim.

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She arrived at Jeddah International Airport on June 10 where she was warmly greeted by Saudi officials and celebrated by the Algerian Hajj mission.

Stiti was in good health, though under continuous medical supervision. Her determination to perform Hajj has been an inspiring story for people around the world.

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Saudi Airlines honoured her arrival, noting her as the oldest pilgrim to the Kingdom this year.

The event was shared widely across social media, attracting global attention. Stiti expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome and excellent services provided to her and her fellow pilgrims.

Conversely, the Hajj season also witnessed a tragic event as Yahya Mohammed Ramadan, an Egyptian child from Kafr El Sheikh province, died in Mecca, becoming the youngest pilgrim to pass away this season. Yahya had become a familiar face on social media after his mother posted a photo of him in Ihram clothes at the Kaaba, capturing hearts with his youthful innocence.

Tragically, Yahya’s life was cut short when he fell from a roof in the Holy City, shortly after the photos were shared online. He was buried in Mecca after a funeral prayer held in his honor.