ariam Mahdar said in a video posted on the website of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Image Credit: Video grab

Cairo: A Saudi girl, believed to be the youngest volunteer in assisting Muslims converging on Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj pilgrims, says she is proud of serving the faithful.

“With the approach of Hajj season, I become enthusiastic and eager to serve the guests of the Almighty,” Mariam Mahdar said in a video posted on the website of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

She added that her family particularly her father encourages her to do the voluntary work.

“I’m proud of serving the pilgrims as much as I’m proud of others who serve them such as security men, doctors and engineers.”

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Mariam said she feels very sad after the end of Hajj season because she has to wait for long for pilgrims’ return.

Mariam said she is learning English at school in order to communicate well with non-Arabic-speaking pilgrims.

“When I offer water and meals to the pilgrims, they wish me well. What I’m doing is a great blessing that many people wish to do,” added Mariam whose age was not revealed.

Several Saudis annually volunteer to offer various services and care to the pilgrims, commonly referred to as “guests of the Almighty”.

For more than 30 years, Saudi man, Ayad Al Jarhadi, has annually used his private car to transport pilgrims free of charge from a border town to the holy city of Mecca.

Al Jarhadi was quoted by Al Arabiya TV last week as saying he has volunteered to provide the rides for the faithful from the Saudi northern border of Arar to reach Mecca, home to Islam’s holiest site, to perform Hajj.

“I transport the old people and women for free in pursuit of Allah’s contentment,” he said.

Hajj, one of Islam’s five obligatory duties, begins Monday this year. Muslims, who can physically and financially afford Hajj, have to perform it at least once in a lifetime.