Kaaba umrah mecca Grand mosque
Pilgrims pray in the vicinity of Holy Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Image Credit: Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah/file

Dubai: The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has highlighted a set of mandatory services that all Umrah companies must deliver to those undertaking the pilgrimage.

These provisions aim to ensure a seamless, spiritual and safe Umrah experience for every pilgrim.

Umrah companies are required to strictly adhere to the specified standards and confirm the readiness of the following services before a pilgrim arrives for the Umrah:

Lodging: Adequate accommodation facilities for the duration of the pilgrimage;

Transportation: Ensuring pilgrims have the necessary means to travel between essential locations;

Ground Services: Assisting pilgrims during their stay and

Additional Services: Other essential services tailored to ensure a pleasant experience.

Furthermore, in situations of emergencies, the ministry mandates Umrah companies to act responsibly towards the pilgrims.

Companies are entrusted with collaborating closely with relevant authorities to offer crucial services under various circumstances, such as:

Addressing accidents and injuries promptly;

implementing and adhering to security protocols;

tackling health emergencies and

managing procedures in the unfortunate event of a death.

For an individual to perform the Umrah, they must procure a permit via the Nusk or Tawakkalna applications.