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Dubai: Saudi Arabia has unveiled a ‘visiting investor’ e-visa aimed at simplifying the entry process for investors seeking to explore business opportunities in the kingdom, according to a tweet by the Ministry of Investment. The initiative has been launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment.

The permit is an electronic visa that can be obtained via the unified national platform for visas. The process has been streamlined with the aim of making it easier for potential investors to apply and a get a permit. Once an application is made, it will be processed swiftly, and the visa will be issued electronically.

In its initial phase, the ‘visiting investor’ e-visa service will be accessible to investors hailing from select countries.

However, neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor the Ministry of Investment named the countries.

The ministry intends to expand the availability of this service to citizens from additional countries in the upcoming phase.

This service is aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives, which seek to position the kingdom as a leading global investment hub with appealing competitiveness. The e-visa initiative is expected to facilitate foreign investors’ journeys to Saudi Arabia, thereby attracting more foreign investment into the country.