Departing pilgrims get a copy of Quran as they depart the King Abdul Aziz airport in Jeddah. Image Credit: SPA

Cairo: As more overseas Muslims are getting ready to leave Saudi Arabia after completing the annual Hajj pilgrimage, authorities in the kingdom have advised the pilgrims to do “reasonable” shopping to comply with approved luggage weight on their departure flights.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj has announced shopping guidelines and exhorted the pilgrims to follow them.

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“After finishing the Hajj rites, you can shop for souvenirs reminding you of the spiritual journey,” the ministry said in an infograph on its X account, addressing the pilgrims.

The ministry said there are stores in the Saudi holy cities of Mecca and Medina where the pilgrims can shop for various gifts.

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“Make sure you get the purchase receipt. A reminder: Don’t allow the gifts to exceed the allowed luggage weight for travel,” it added.

Meanwhile, authorities at the King Abdulaziz airport in Jeddah, a hub for Hajj flights, advised the pilgrims to order packets of the Zamzam water at designated sale outlets at the airport.

The Zamzam water traditionally stands out among the items many of the faithful are keen to take on the home return trips.

Zamzam is popular particularly with overseas pilgrims who buy packs of the blessed water to present as a gift to relatives and friends after home return.

Around 1.8 million Muslims, including 1.6 million from abroad, performed this year’s Hajj in and around Mecca.